The Binderie

Being creative, and specifically the act of creating things, is a joy like no other I've ever felt. It is what holds me together as a person and it is a fundamental way that I share myself and my vision with the world. It is a spark that can light other sparks, making the world a more beautiful, dynamic, interesting place. This leads to the idea of right livelihood, which is very important to me. I would rather make and live on less money doing something I love and which brightens the world than get rich on something that brings me, and others, no joy.

For me, the key to creativity is fearlessness, diving right into an idea. When I overthink something I immediately begin to doubt, and the moment doubt creeps in so much potential is lost. Being a self taught artist means that I'm not indoctrinated with the accepted "right" and "wrong" ways to do things and so everything is open to me. Sometimes the "wrong" way yields the most amazing results. Rules are for fools!

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