Rooted in tradition while reaching toward innovation, I make textile art pieces exploring color, form, and scale. The focus of my current work is a graphic, often intuitive, interpretation of the traditional art and craft of quilt-making.

My pieces often begin as a kernel of an idea -- maybe the play of shadow and light on a sidewalk or the forms found at a favorite spot in nature -- and grow from there. I approach my textile work with a sense of fearlessness and often dive right into an idea, letting it evolve naturally as the work is made. My finished pieces rarely match my initial sketches. Because quilt-making is a long process there is time for ideas to shift and the design often evolves as I sew. This open and evolutionary approach to design coupled with the limitations of the medium often leads to the most serendipitous and exciting results.

A quilt is an object evocative of hearth and home, of comfort and warmth. My work carries this tradition onward, elevating domesticity and propelling the medium of quilting forward. As I continue to develop my voice as a textile artist I also aim to hone my vision by turning outward to interact with, incorporate, and respond to the world around me, exploring deeper levels of meaning in my work. 

I live and work in downtown Albany, NY with my partner and our 3 children.